“I have always believed in the benefits of Chiropractic care. It just made sense. The challenging part can be in finding the right Chiropractor for you.I have been living with Fibromyalga for nearly 20 years, as well as chronic neck and back pain – resulting from several careless tumbles and numerous car accidents. Now I have arthritis. In order to avoid taking daily pain medication(s), I must supple -ment the one medication that my primary care physician has prescribed for the fibromyalga with chiropractic care. I have found the must-needed relief in the care of Dr. Valerie Fantino. It amazes me how well she knows the human body. She immediately “zeros-in” on where the pain is coming from or going to…resulting in instant relief. She is managing my chronic headaches, sciatic pain, back pain, neck pain, hip pain and joint pain through adjustments, physical therapy, as well as the occasional massage therapy. I was so impressed and thankful for the all-encompassing care facility. Dr. Fantino has improved my quality of life with her quality care.

My 80 year-old parents have reaped the benefits of massage therapy, physical therapy and chiropractic care from Dr. Fantino and her staff at Wellness Plus. My children have also been receiving care from Dr. Fantino for several years. My now 7 year-old son was unable to sit still in class and had difficulty getting to sleep at night due to back and neck pain resulting from being rough housed by a classmate. Because of Dr. Fantino’s treatment, my son is able to sit still and rest comfortably. My 10 year-old daughter is an athlete and suffers from premature growth spurts and growing pains. Dr, Fantino has helped her and improved her quality of life, as well as better sleep. The benefits are numerous. The relief and gratification felt by me, as a mom – priceless. Thank you Dr. Fantino!”


“While elk hunting in Wyoming, my arms went numb and my back was killing after a five-hour horse ride up a mountain me. I thought I was having a heart attack. When I got home I went to see a cardiologist who said the problem was not my heart. I then went to several doctors who could not find my problem. On Christmas Eve of same year, I experienced the same pains again. A few days later I went to see another general practitioner who could finally diagnose my problem. The doctor said I had pinched nerves in my back and would have to undergo surgery.

Then, a friend recommended I see Dr. Valerie Fantino at Wellness Plus. After being treated by Dr. Fantino, I have not had any more problems with my back for four years. I am happy to say that thanks to Dr. Valerie Fantino, I am still able to go elk hunting in the mountains of Wyoming. If you have any back problems I highly recommend Dr. Valerie M. Fantino at Wellness Plus.”


“I am an 84-year-old female in good health considering my age. For the past two years or so, I’ve been having pain in my lower back and upper legs. I ignored the pain until sleeping at night became a problem. I simply could not find a way to get comfortable. I started to take double doses of Tylenol for pain upon waking every morning and then more during the day. I felt chiropractic care might help and found Dr. Valerie Fantino — the answer to my prayers and my pain. Dr. Fantino was very thorough, going over my health history, doing an exam, and taking X-rays before treatment started. It has been a year or so and I have graduated from three weekly visits to now only one weekly visit and I feel absolutely no pain. I will continue with my periodic visits to keep me healthy and pain free. I strongly recommend chiropractic care and Dr. Fantino to anyone with chronic back and leg pain.”


“When I first came to Dr. Fantino for help, I was in pain every day, sleeping was painful and I could barely turn my head. It was to the point of being dangerous when I drove; it affected my work and home life. I knew I needed help and wanted to correct the problem, not just cover it up with medications. Now, I can drive 12 hours and not have excruciating pain and numbness. I can have a great night’s sleep, sit at my desk, do yard work — all without pain! I recommend Dr. Fantino to anyone who experience pain — especially if they are just using medication to cover up the pain-they need to have the problem fixed.”


“I came to Wellness Plus to discuss with Dr. Fantino about the pain around my lower back muscle associated with an old injury. I also had pain in my shoulders and arms with tingling in my hands when sitting, laying down and standing up. The pain was getting worse and worse.

I am now retired; however I spent over thirty years sitting in front of a computer working in three branches of the Federal Government. This type of work may have caused the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This was evidence by the aggressive tingling and pain in my arms and hands.

Dr. Fantino’s diagnosis revealed the need for therapy. I received the recommended treatment from Dr. Fantino and within a period of time the pain and tingling subsided.

I feel a lot better and the pain and tingling in my back, shoulders, hands and arms have subsided. Therapies recommended by Dr. Fantino at Wellness Plus have definitely helped me in my overall well-being without surgery or medicine and I feel great because of the natural wellness concept brought to confront the pains felt in my muscles.

Thank you Dr. Fantino and your staff for helping to make me feel better from the treatment received at your facility.”


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